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Citrix and JAVA ICA


Citrix and JAVA ICA

I've setup a Citrix Listed Applications resource under terminal services resources. I've enabled Java Support and uploaded JICA 9.7. It works the first time a client connects, but anytime after that (unless you clear the cookies on the client machine), otherwise it fails trying to launch the Citrix client, and gets an error.

Error is:

Invalid argument winlaunchterm.cgi Line: 81

Code: 0 Char: 9

We're running 6.4R3 (build 14619).

Any help would be appreciated.



Re: Citrix and JAVA ICA

Have you tried playing with the "Persistent cookies" option under Role --> Web --> Options --> View Advanced Options?


Re: Citrix and JAVA ICA

Are you able to replicate this on multiple devices? What OS/Browser are you using? I've seen JICA behave strangely across the board from the Juniper applicance.

I've not seen this particular error before... even though I've been testing from Win 7, Vista, XP, Mac & Ubuntu with IE7, IE8, Firefox 3-3.5, Opera and Safari. I ended up using the JICA piece as a fallback only. I uploaded the Citrix 11.2 web client to deliver that to my windows users and I'll focus my attention on the uploaded JICA client for Mac/Linux use only. It's not perfect, but we're getting there.

I'd look at the local privacy/security settings on the devices first.