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Citrix published apps via the Java ICA client

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Citrix published apps via the Java ICA client

I have several Hosted Java Applets on our SA-2000 using a set of Citrix Java files (JIUCA-coreN.jar, JICA-browseN.jar, etc.) This works fine. However, I'd like to update the version of the Java client I have stored on the SA-2000, but every time I try to upload a new archive file I get an error complaining that the new archive doesn't contain the correct files:

"new container does not contain archives [JICA-sicaN.jar,JICA-configN.jar,,sslN.jar,,JICA-seamlessN.jar,,JICA-coreN.jar,,JICA-browseN.jar,,cryptojN.jar,] which are used in existing bookmarks"

This is clearly wrong, since all of those files are in the archive.

I found instructions on Juniper's site detailing what I'm trying to do at:

However, some of the files referenced in that document (the .cab files) aren't part of the Citrix Java distribution any longer. That may be the problem now; they're not in the existing archive on our system (which works), so I'm not sure if they're necessary.

I'm running 5.5R4 now; we were running something else when I initially set up the Hosted Java Applets, and now I'm wondering if there's a problem with the newer versions of the IDE OS.

Anyway - is there some other way to provide links to Citrix Published Apps via the Java client? I can't rely on the native Citrix clients being installed on the user's PCs, and they are connecting from Macs and PCs and Linux systems.

Re: Citrix published apps via the Java ICA client

That firmware is really old.

I would upgrade.

Java is much faster in more recent versions.

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Re: Citrix published apps via the Java ICA client

As mentioned by @TRK-NKA, 5.5 is extremely old and is no longer a supported OS (

With that said, however, why are you uploading the files rather than letting the Java ICA be delivered from the Citrix server?

If you unzip the .zip archive, what do you see at the parent/root directory: a folder or the .jar files? If the former, please zip up the files not inside a folder and try.