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Citrix with Java client seamless mode

New Contributor

Citrix with Java client seamless mode

Running IVE 7.0R3. I have set up Citrix Listed Applications and uploaded JICAComponents 10. When the bookmark option "Launch seamlessly" is checked, my Citrix apps don't launch in seamless mode. Instead, a small window pops up (wish the window could be resized somewhere rather than manually resizing it). Any ideas why apps aren't being launched in seamless mode? I have also tried setting the paramter <param name="TWIMode" value="on">

Occasional Contributor

Re: Citrix with Java client seamless mode

In your java code you need to be running the following applet code:

<applet code="com.citrix.ConnectionCenter">

Instead of running <applet code="com.citrix.JICA">. This implementation is unable to run true seamless.

Both are included in the same Citrix Receiver for Java fileset, so you do not need to download anything extra.

For more info you might want to go into the download archive, move to the examples folder and see what configuration is included in the diverse seamless configuration HTML files.