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Client only - no web interface

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Client only - no web interface

Is there a way to completely disable the web interface to Pulse Secure and only allow access via the desktop client?


Currently running:

Server ver: 8.3r4


Re: Client only - no web interface

Sure can, using the user-agent string based realm level restriction. The concept is explained in however instead of the user agent strings mentioned in the KB create just two browser restriction rules on the user realm:

1. *Pulse* Allow

2. * Deny 


Note: Since user-agent strings can be maniupulated by a client above logic should not be used as a strict security control rather its a way to discourage browser based access 


Re: Client only - no web interface

I respectfully offer a slightly different answer than ruc; however, both are essentially the same.
At a high-level, the answer is "no" because the admin needs web access and, users can always try to access the appliance through their browser. You can put restrictions in place so that users cannot access the user portal; but there will always be a web page that will be displayed to users.