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Cluster Upgrade to 6.5

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Cluster Upgrade to 6.5

I had a cluster running 6.0 in active/passive and want to go to 6.5. I disabled the clustering on the secondary unit, added a temp license, upgraded it to 6.5, and did all my testing. Now I want to upgrade the primary and re-enable the cluster. I would like to get some feed back on my procedure below.

1. backup the primary and secondary configs

2. Upgrade the primary(6.0) to the new code.

3. re-enable the cluster on the secondary, remove the temp lic, and let them sync.

I don't see any major problems. There are a few things I am unsure of though.

1. If changes were made to the backup during testing will those changes get propagated to the primary?

2. How long will the outage be once the upgrade of the primary starts, and/or is there anyway to "hard failover" the SA?

Feedback is appreciated.



Re: Cluster Upgrade to 6.5

Since you broke the cluster, you will have some downtime. The steps you online is what you have to do to get this working again in a cluster.

With regards to configuration, when adding a device to a cluster, the configuration on the device is replaced so changes will not propagate.

It will take about 5 mins or so while the primary device reboots. Once it's rebooted just add the 2nd device to the cluster and verify sync. At this point no more downtime.