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Connect Secure 8.3 R5 API

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Connect Secure 8.3 R5 API

Hello Everyone,

I’m interested in discovering what the API in 8.3 can provide me. I’m hoping that it can provide me with some statics and other items that can help me with seeing what the resources look like on our PSA devices. One statistic that I’m hoping that the API can provide me is how many people are connected to the various VPN devices.


I have read the guide listed below and have set up Postman on my machine but I’m having challenges with getting any data to pull.


The area that I’m interested in is located on the /api/v1/configuration/system/status page but it does not really show anything. Just trying to see if others are using it and how they are using it.


API Guide:

8.3R3 PCS REST API Solutions Guide - Pulse Secure

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Re: Connect Secure 8.3 R5 API

I am wondering about the exact same thing. Can't seem to figure it out. It seems like it is not supported at the moment, but I hope PulsSecure support can tell us otherwise!