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Connecting to VPN from abroad

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Connecting to VPN from abroad

Hi there,


My company uses the Pulse Secure VPN, and successfully accessing the VPN is critical for me in order to work. 

I am planning on traveling abroad in a month to visit family, and intend to work during that time.

I have been assured by IT that this "should be okay," but I am a bit nervous because if it doesn't work or I cannot connect for some reason while I am abroad, I will need to immediately cancel my trip and return to the US to be able to continue doing my work. Should I just take his word for it? Is there anything in particular I should be asking about to help confirm this capability (a setting or selection with our VPN setup for instance)? I am not sure if there is a way to test this without physically being abroad...


Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated! Thank you and apologies if this is too far off topic - I am not super tech savvy, and just want to travel and work at the same time Smiley Happy.





Re: Connecting to VPN from abroad

@Charlotte2026 VPN access should be fine as long as your home network is stable, and assuming your company will not block VPN connections from geographic locations outside of US.

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