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Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

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Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse


We're testing the Junos Pulse app on iPads for corporate, and they want to be able to use the VPN (via our SA box) to access their shares on our Windows server. The Junos Pulse literature states "The SA Series appliances and Junos Pulse together can enable full network (Layer 3 VPN) access to corporate data and applications from both non-mobile and many highly popular mobile devices", but whilst I have configured the iPad with Pulse, I can't find any way of actually connecting to the Windows shares on our network. The only advantage Pulse seems to give me at the moment is an ability to browse our intranet. My next stage is to look at certificate authentication, but I need to get the basics right first.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,


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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

This is confusing. I'm using Pulse on the iPad too. Baically the issue is that the software is not feature complete. There are options you get in the web portal access, like web sites and file browsing, that do not show up in the pulse client.

I have multiple web applications but only our intranet shows up on the pulse client. I'm not sure if it is because it is configured as sharepoint or just because it happens to be the first in the multiple web site list my role has access to.

None of the file share browsing on the web page are in Pulse.

But the pulse network connect does work. I can use my telnet, ssh, ping and RDP utilities after connecting layer 3 with pulse.

So I end up using both connection methods. If I need file access or the web applications I log in with Safari on the iPad and pull it up.

When I need my telnet, ssh, ping, rdp or other utiliites, I log in with Pulse.

Hopefully everything will be available in Pulse eventually.

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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

I don't think this is a Pulse limitation. It is a limitation of the iPad. I don't think the iPad has funcitonality to access network drives. I'm sure there's an app for that. Smiley Happy

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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

This is most definately a limitation with Pulse.

I have web applications and windows file shares published in our SA.

When I log into the web portal on the iPad I can use those applications and browse the file shares and open the files.

When I log in with Pulse only one web site the intranet is available. None of the other web applications are visible. And none of the file shares for my role can be seen.

So Pulse on the iPad right now is essentially only a network connect and not a full access to client for all the items published to my role. The fact that the one web application shows up there is more of a tease. If it were none of the options, I probably would have just seen it as a replacement for network connect. But since it shows the one web application and none of the other resources I notice that these are missing.

I assume that since one web application button is there eventually all the items will be visible. And I look forward to when they eventually are. Until then I just have to use both the browser and pulse depending on what I'm connecting to use.

Steve Puluka BSEET - IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro-Ethernet & ISP) -
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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

I have to agree with df on this one. If you take an iphone or ipad and connect via wifi to your corporate network, can you somehow connect to the windows file shares? I can not do it from any of our iDevices. So I'm not sure how the pulse client would do this either, since it is just providing that layer 3 bridge and nothing more.

The web portal can do it specifically because it translates the windows shares into html, which requires a web browser to access. I suppose they could build some type of micro browser into Pulse - which we would love because then we might be able to use our 2 factor SecureAuth tokenless solution - but that seems unlikely.

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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

Sure the SA software is allowing the iPad to do what it cannot natively do. This is a great feature that makes iPad use much better for the enterprise.

But the point I am trying to make here is one of how the SA implements the feature set in the end user interface. Right now I have training issues to roll out Pulse. I have to teach people use Pulse for this use the web portal for that. While the distinction on resources makes sense to technical people, end users just see all this as corporate data they need.

Worse, the two connection methods, web portal or Pulse, are mutually exclusive. When I need resources in one I have to take the session and disconnect the other. So I cannot use resources in both methods at the same time.

With network connect I just point everyone to the same place and have the roles determine whether or not to install and launch what they need for access. And they can use all their resources.

So my complaint is one of implementing and end user interface. On the iPad device I have a more difficult time supporting the same resources that publish cleanly to PC/Mac desktops using network connec and the web portal.

Since I see that Pulse is adding this web resource button to their interface on the iPad, my hope is that this is the beginning of the process where I won't have the dual connect requirement eventually. The users will go to one interface and access the resources for their job.

Steve Puluka BSEET - IP Architect - DQE Communications Pittsburgh, PA (Metro-Ethernet & ISP) -
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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

Search the appstore for FileBrowser, it will let you connect to windows file shares.

Link to this below:

"AT WORK: Browse file servers over the Internet using the iPad/iPhone's built in VPN. In the board room or on site, retrieve and view documents from company servers."

"Use an iPad/iPhone-compatible VPN or SMB port-forwarding to connect to your file server or workstation via 3G or from the Internet."

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Re: Connecting to Windows shares via Pulse

Ok spuluka - now I am completely on board with you. End users are completely confused by use web for this, wsam jsam for that or how about network connect or pulse. I agree, way to many options with two much of a disparate look and feel. And being mutually exclusive in use is a real pita too.

I must admit that it would be real nice if Pulse could present some type of web interface that mimics the web interface itself. I think that's what I hear you saying.