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Connecting via SSH to Linux box

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Connecting via SSH to Linux box



Outside user connecting via a VPN tunnel/SSH to a Linux box. There is an application inside this box, Midnight Commander, user can log in but can not access any controls. Inside my LAN I can log in no problem.


Any suggestions ?

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Re: Connecting via SSH to Linux box

Hmm.. User logs in to linux box using SSH through VPN tunnel (Pulse Secure), then opens "Midnight commander" application on the linux box and tries to access the files, it does not work... 🤔🙄


Will the application uses the IP address of the linux machine for further access? Quickly googling about the tool, reveals that it's a "visual file manager"... so are you trying to access or manage files of a different machine using the linux box?    Sorry, I may be wrong..! Please explain.


Re: Connecting via SSH to Linux box

what type of ACL are you using?