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Connection problems with Pulse Secure

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Connection problems with Pulse Secure


We received our IT Department's advisory below about difficulty in connecting to Pulse Secure.
I followed their instructions on how to manually work around this but it did not work and I still cannot connect using my home networ/internet
Can someone help me?


After upgrading LOREAL connect we have noticed that’s some hotels and home Wi-Fi networks have connections issues when connection to L’Oréal network with L’Oréal Connect / Pulse Secure.

What does this mean?
This means in some cases it will not connect automatically and you need to do a simple and easy manually work around.

What do I need to do?
1. Make sure you are connected to the internet!
2. In the lower right corner, click the small arrow and find the “Pulse Secure” icon . Click it and find below menu.
3. Select United States instead of the default GEOLOC. Now you should be connected to L’Oréal network

Re: Connection problems with Pulse Secure

That solution should not apply to home networks
What is the message you see when you try to connect? Does the same connection work at other locations?
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Re: Connection problems with Pulse Secure

Hi zanyterp. Thanks for your reply.

I actually tried their suggestion and connected to LOrealConnect United States instead of our defaul Geoloc and the rejection reason I got was "Authentication rejected by Server"

So I tried other potential connections (we have several: Geoloc, Argentina, China, France, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore and United States) and it connected to France last night! Smiley Happy

But I tried again this morning, and again it doesn't work. Upon trying now, there is no prompt/message (except for that same reason for the United States). I tried connecting to all other servers and it just says connecting and the green dots under the Pulse Secure logo keeps on moving from left to right to indicate it is trying to connect.

Is it possible that this is my company's network issue? Or is this something about Pulse Secure?

Re: Connection problems with Pulse Secure

You are welcome; sorry it is not working for you
I don't know that I can say it is the network; but it looks like it. The authentication reject message means that the server can't find you (I would check with your network team); for the moving dots……there could be several things. Unfortunately, my questions would all be about what is happening on the VPN appliance.

I think the best bet is to open a ticket with your IT team and ask them to open one with our support team to see if we can identify where the miscommunication is happening