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Connection reset after 30 seconds

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Connection reset after 30 seconds


I have a laptop from my employer and must be able to work from home. We are using pulse secure to connect to the office. But in my case my connection is available for about 30 seconds and then it collapses and reconnects again. This is repeating continuously. It happens both on wifi connection and UTP cable connection.


It does not accur om my old Linksys E2000 router with Tomato firmware, but this one has other problems and cannot be used.

I am using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X where the problem occurs. 

Bought again a new router Eminent EM4710 and the same problem occurs.


Where should I look to solve this. THe helpdeks of my employer is not helping much.




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Re: Connection reset after 30 seconds

Could you go somewhere with public WiFi and confirm if the problem occurs there or not.  This will help determine if the issue is with some issue on the laptop or the home network.


When doing a failed connection change your local pulse client logging to detailed.  Then save out the log after the session exhibits the behavior.  This should give more details on why the drop and connect is occuring.


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