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Create MAG2600 Cluster

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Create MAG2600 Cluster

We currently have one (1) Juniper MAG2600 VPN device in our environment, which has 50 concurrent users licenses applied and would like to create a cluster in the case of failover. We want to add an additional unit, but are not sure about the licensing needed for concurrent users.


1. After purchasing an additional MAG2600, what steps are needed to create the cluster?

2. If we were to get 50 concurrent user licenses on the second unit, which would take us to 100 total, how would that work should one of the units fail? Will 100 license be available on the second unit?

Any information to clarify this setup and licensing would be greatly helpful.




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Re: Create MAG2600 Cluster

1 - You create the cluster from within the WEB UI. It is pretty straightfoward. If you like send me a PM and I can send you a document I wrote for my engineers on the steps.

2 - Yes, if you license each unit at 50 you have a total of 100 and if unit 1 fails then unit 2 inherits the unit 1 license count for a time period (7 days I think)



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Re: Create MAG2600 Cluster

Hi Kevin, I'm trying to create the cluster but I don't know why is not working, can you please send me the document you wrote? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Create MAG2600 Cluster



don't know if you solved it, but here is a good link from Juniper:


Also, to complete the excellent sayings of Kevin, the grace period is 10days in case of the loss of one member.