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Creating a vpn connection without the encryption?

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Creating a vpn connection without the encryption?

I know it sounds funny, but I really only need the appliance to redirect/encapsulate traffic bound for a network that is not routeable. We have a network that we want people to have access to, but it will not route over the corporate network. So we have created a vpn tunnel through the PS device, and users can start the network connect client, and traffic bound for the non-routeable network is sent via the client to the PS device, and then onto the non-routeable network. Works great, no problem. Well the only problem is that it is slower because of the encryption. To top it off, some of our users are connecting remotely to the corporate network via a F5 VPN solution. So that means that the Network Connect VPN traffic is actually being encapsulated into the F5 VPN packets, making things drastically slow.

We do not really need any encryption because stuff is only going over our corporate network. Any idea if there is a way to have it just route packets via the client, but not encrypt them, thus speeding things up?

Re: Creating a vpn connection without the encryption?

No, this is not possible
Does the same happen when your connection is up over ESP for transport rather than SSL?