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Custom ICA config question

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Custom ICA config question


Some of our users connect to a citrix desktop using a custom ICA connection in program neighborhood. The connection options are all default EXCEPT that the server they are connecting to requires 128 bit encryption for the session. I created a terminal services resource profile using the custom ICA option. I downloaded and modified the default ICA file as described in the documentation. I replaced the <CITRIX_CLIENT_NAME>, <APPDATA> and <TARGET_SERVER> areas in the default ICA file and added the sections that defined 128 bit encryption for the connection). I tested the file by manually launching it from a PC with the Citrix client installed and it worked fine. I then uploaded it to the IVE and entered a resource policy to open 1494 and 2598 to the IP specified in the ICA file. When I login to the SSL VPN with a test user and click the new bookmark, the Juniper Citrix Client launches and goes from 'initalizing' to 'connection in progress'. I then get an error message saying "there is no Citrix server configured on the specified address". If the connection works when I launch the ICA file from my desktop, but does not when I try to launch it through the SSL VPN. Is this becuase of the encryption? I have seen another post for a similar issue, and it was related to the Juniper Citrix client not being able to use encryption. Has anyone seen this issue before?

VSLAllowed=On ;Automatically loads the appropriate VSL component prior to loading the main client code.
PersistentCachePath=C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client\Cache <-----------Entered by me
TransportReconnectEnabled=On ;Automatic client reconnect for launched session.
RemoveICAFile=yes ;Deletes ICA file from the system once the session is disconnected.

Desktop= <-----------Entered by me

Address= <-----------Entered by me
CDMAllowed=On ;Allows client drive mapping on the client.
CPMAllowed=On ;Allows client printer mapping on the client.
COMAllowed=On ;Allows COM port mapping on the client.
DesiredHRES=800 ;Horizontal window size in pixels. If the ScreenPercent field is present, this field is ignored.
DesiredVRES=600 ;Vertical window size in pixels. If the ScreenPercent field is present, this field is ignored.
DesiredColor=2 ;DesiredColor sets the color palette depth. Use 1 for 16-color and 2 for 256-color.
DesiredWinType=2 ;1=640x480 2=800x600 3=1024x768 4=1280x1024 5=Custom 6=Percent 7=Full Screen 8=Seamless. NOTE: 0=None.
UseLocalUserAndPassword=Off ;This is used for pass through domain credentials
AutoLogonAllowed=Off ;If on, the server will accept user credential specified in the appsrv.ini file.
WinStationDriver=ICA 3.0
EncryptionLevelSession=EncRC5-128 <-----------Entered by me

DriverNameWin32=PDC128N.DLL <-----------Entered by me
DriverNameWin16=PDC128W.DLL <-----------Entered by me



Re: Custom ICA config question

For Citrix 128 bits encryption to work properly, you need to be at least on the following release:

IVE OS 6.2R6, 6.3R5, 6.4R2 or 6. 5R1 or a higher maintenance release.

Check for the following in Release Notes:

The Juniper Citrix Listed Applications functionality now supports the Encryption settings that are configured on a Citrix Metaframe Presentation server. (418081)
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Re: Custom ICA config question

I am currently running 6.4 R2. It still doesnt seem to work. Can you tell me if the lines I added to the custom ICA file are correct? As I said, the file launches fine when I launch with the Citrix client, but when I try with the Juniper Citrix Services Client, it fails.

Any ideas?