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Custom Login :-)


Custom Login :-)

Does anyone use custom login pages? If so how do you deal with redoing them when upgrading?

I spoke to Juniper and they told me that there was nothing in the works to make the custom page forward compatible. They stated that I would have to take the new sample template from each version/release and redo it completely. Now, as I'm not a programmer and have to rely on the Web team this makes it all the more difficult as they are working on true projects with great programming languages and modules etc etc. It is like working in these sample templates using what language it is called is caveman stuff.

We use them and it is such a letdown, hassle, and nonproductive task to completely redo the page every time we upgrade. For instance if I upgrade from 5.xr1 to 2 to 3 with each move there seems to be a new glitch where the IVE does not accept some type of coding from the original page we created. (I see more and more errors in the logs.) So, when I tried to upgrade from 5.3 to 6.0 the IVE would not accept the custom login page at all and defaulted to the basic generic page. Had to back rev to 5.3.

Has anyone found a workable solution?!?!?

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Re: Custom Login :-)

Its a pain and there is really no easy way to go about it. One thing I have done is eliminate some of the non-essential pages. All the *.ppc pages dont really need to be updated or even included in the zip if you dont use them.

I typically line up the two versions and just cut and paste stuff that I know will work in the new pages.. For example, I always put the below chunk in login.thtml to change the prompt text of username/password and rsa pin.

It's a pain but after you do it a few dozen times it gets easier. I also typically use a program like Beyond Compare to line up the differences between the new and old pages. Also, you dont have to do this for every minor release, its usually only major releases in which they change a page. Also you'd be surprised at how often the old pages work with new code.

Overall though, I agree with you.. This should be easier..

<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">

<%IF !AnonymousAuthentication && !CertificateAuthentication && !SAMLAuthentication%>

<% FOREACH prompt = prompts %>

<%NEXT IF !prompt.required %>



<%IF prompt.promptText == "username" %>


<%ELSIF prompt.promptText == "password" %>


<%ELSIF prompt.promptText == "Additional password" %>

RSA Pin and Passcode


<% prompt.promptText %>



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Re: Custom Login :-)

I keep a list of the pages I have modified, and highlight in comments where my modifications are. Then, when moving from one release to another, I start from the new default pages and figure out how to do the same modifications on the new pages. Still, I agree, there has to be something better...

It's long been my opinion that custom sign-in pages are Juniper's way to make sure old network guys learn a new skill.