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Custom SignIn Page - Changing Text

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Custom SignIn Page - Changing Text

I've search and found nothing on this one. I read through the custom signin page guide and really don't see anything on this either.

We have to use custom signin pages with SecureAuth. Not thrilled about it but so be it. Now that we are using the pages, the Secondary Login page (SecondaryLoginPage.thtml) seems to use different terminology than when using the default sign in pages. Why, I have no idea.

What we would like to do is have the same terminology that the default pages use. In this case, the problem is the wording of the portal "Instant Virtual Extranet" and the password prompt "Additional password". I've found and implement the solution to the Additional Password prompt - Now I need to change the wording of Instant Virtual Extranet.

Can anyone tell us how to do that or point us to an example? Thanks!


Re: Custom SignIn Page - Changing Text

Did you try to set the portal variable

<% SET portal = 'My Portal' %>

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Re: Custom SignIn Page - Changing Text

where are pages pulling these temples variables from?


<title><% title FILTER verbatim %></title>

<% welcome FILTER verbatim %>

<% portal FILTER verbatim %>


I imagine these would be defined in the system somewhere but cant find where, no doco and googling didnt find any answers


i'm starting think these are hardcoded in juniper os?



found them in

was initially searching for the 'title' variable in that doco which doesn't appear. but the other 2 appear. in any case, it appears the default values are hardcoded.