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DMZ Access with Network connect

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DMZ Access with Network connect

I'm running an SA 2500 with 6.4r1 code. I've got Network Connect running the way that I want, with one exception. I am not able to access systems in our DMZ. I seen there is a KB article that states that I need to create a route to the DMZ. Is this route to be created on the Juniper or on the core router? I'm assuming on the juniper. Is this created as an internal route or an external route. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: DMZ Access with Network connect

systems of the DMZ where the IVE is in?

you need to set a hostroute on the machine/router you wanna reach!

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Re: DMZ Access with Network connect

you will need the following

1 - your Default gateway for the juniper will need to know where is the DMZ and if it does than it will route traffic that way

2 - your DMZ must know where is the Network connect IP this is the 10.200.x.x. ip address (you could have changed it ) and needs to know what IP (you network connect) pool is behind this ip address.