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DNS and NC

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DNS and NC


I have problems with setting up DNS resolution on NC clients.

I have configured the DNS with our internal servers in the NC connection profile.

When I do a nslookup on the client, after successfully started NC, nslookup gives

the error message: Can not find the server name for the address x.x.x.x (our internal DNS server).

I am not able to resolve any names. Using the IP address works fine.

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Re: DNS and NC

Need a little more information:

Are you using split tunnelling?

What order do you have the client performing DNS lookups in your NC Connection Policy, Device first or Client first?


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Re: DNS and NC

The nslookup error indicates it was not able to resolve the reverse DNS for that IP address. This either means there is no reverse DNS entry for that IP address or the client cannot contact the DNS server - as you cannot resolve any hostnames with nslookup it is probably the latter. Can you ping the nameserver IP address?

The SA uses an IP defined under System > Network > Network Connect to connect to internal resources - does your DNS server allow this IP to make DNS queries? If you inspect the nameserver logs or tcpdump it's traffic do you see the SA sending the DNS query arrive at the nameserver?