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Default route issue

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Default route issue



Does anyone experciencing this issue? This is intermittent. The default routes shows two (2) path. First is the local home dsl, second is the Private IP assigned. When the user got the ouput below, they can't ping or access the internal resources. The vpn tunneling is disabled . This issue just appeared recently. 




9.1R9 (build 9189)



C:\>route print

IPv4 Route Table


Active Routes:

Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric


         On-link     x.x.x.x      1  = x is the private IP assigned


Re: Default route issue

that does not look to be something we have seen reported yet; can you open a case with support for investigation, please?

Re: Default route issue

@Jforio08 Route print shows that the user is getting Full Tunnel access role from the VPN server. If the user is not able to access any resource after connecting to VPN, then please check the VPN's ACL and reverse route for the VPN user traffic.


If the user should not get VPN tunneling, then we have to check the VPN server configuration and remove that feature.

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