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Delay Pulse Secure startup


Delay Pulse Secure startup

Hi Everyone,


Currently testing Pulse in 'Machine then User' setup using certificate auth. Its working all ok but noticed a couple of oddities in the user log. Such as user 'system' attempting to connect instead of the current user thats just logged in, then a few seconds later the the correct users details are passed through and connection is established, and Host checker failing but then immediately passing a second later. I think Pulse is just a bit quick off the mark when other system services etc are still starting, is it possible to delay the Pulse Service / Program autostart by a few seconds to see if it fixes this? Would it be the Service i need to delay? or the Pulse application?




Re: Delay Pulse Secure startup

@NetworkBod Is it possible to share those user access log snippets for review? Pulse Secure Service set to autostart should not cause the issues that you're describing.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert