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Delegated Admin - Creating New Role

Frequent Contributor

Delegated Admin - Creating New Role

Is this feature ever going to be an option? I know I see the function is there to delegate the function to Create and Delete Admin Roles, but not User Roles, I can only delegate the function to Manage Current User Roles. I would like to Delegate the function to create New User Roles, without having the need to give more access then is required. Seems I should have more control over these sort of things in a RBAC driven world. Is the .Administrators Role the only method to give another user that function?

Respected Contributor

Re: Delegated Admin - Creating New Role

Not without giving access to all roles, no. When you create the delegated admin you need to define the roles you give rights to; in order to add a new role, all roles would need to be allowed.


Otherwise, no, this is not possible as there is no way to set up the permissions against something that doesn't exist yet.