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Deploy PCS in HA mode without vTM

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Deploy PCS in HA mode without vTM



My PCS instance is hosted in AWS. Since I only have 1 instance running, the failure of this instance implies down time.

My goal is to achieve a redundant architecture to avoid that without introducing vTM in the architecture.

AWS best practices suggest creating multiple EC2 isntances and put them behind a load balancer.

However, I have 1 issue with this setup: the license. Since I have one license for PSA, another license for concurrent vpn users, if PCS #1 fails (where both previously mentioned licesnes are installed) and the traffic is sent to PCS #2, how are the licenses transfered to the other one? How do yo automate this? If this is impossible to implement, do you suggest other approaches?


Thanks in advance.



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Re: Deploy PCS in HA mode without vTM

To have an uninterrupted PCS deployment, you must have a High Availability Cluster on your deployment. We offer 2 options: Active/Passive and Active/Active deployments.

  1. Active/Passive Cluster: the active PCS accepts all the connection request. If the active PCS fails, then the passive PCS gets promoted and takes control of the incoming connection request. The active/passive utilizes a VIP and monitors PCS instances using heartbeats and health checks to check on the status of each server.
  2. Active/Active Cluster: this solution gives you the option to have two PCS servers to be actively accepting connection requests. The requirements for this topology will require a load balancer (Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager), platform license and concurrent licenses for both PCS servers.

For your request, you don’t need to have a new set of licenses if you use option 1: Active/Passive Cluster. In addition, one caveat is to have the same PCS appliance in a cluster. Also if it fails you have 20-day grace period to the licenses as long as your active/passive servers are in a cluster.

For further details of our high availability and licensing solution download the PCS Licensing Managemeng Guide at

9.0R3 PCS and PPS License Management Guide