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Device Certficates and Disaster Recovery


Device Certficates and Disaster Recovery

Has anyone found a good solution for transferring device certificates from one SA to another? Here's my situation. We have two SA6000 devices running in an active/passive cluster for production and one SA6000 running as a standalone in our DR location. If we ever have a disaster I'll want my users to be able to go to the same URL to gain access which means I'll need the production device certificate on the DR device. I can't use the system.cfg to import the certificate because this will overwrite my existing certificates. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: Device Certficates and Disaster Recovery

Take a backup of the device certificate on the DR location.

In the event your production traffic is getting routed to the DR location, you can import the device certificate from the config backup taken from production nodes.

Once you re route back the traffic from DR location to the production cluster, you can then re-import the DR device certificates.

Its a manual process everytime DR location is going to get traffic.