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Directing users to separate nodes in P\A cluster

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Directing users to separate nodes in P\A cluster

Hi All,

We currently have 2 SA4500's in a P\A cluster v8.0r1 and after a recent restructure have 2 clients. The cluster has 500 licenses and under the new licensing model, I understand we can purchase 500 more for the passive box, totalling the 1000max, with the same resiliance.

My question is, is it possible that somewhere in the configuration it is possible  to direct Client A to node 1 and Client B to node 2 whilst retaining our current infrastructure? Each at the moment has 250 licenses but they are concerned that the other Client will be using there allocation etc and I need to let them know if this can be resolved now or investment will be required.

Would a MAG be a viable option if there is no option with the SA's?

Thanks in advance

Phil Colclough

Remote Access Officer

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Re: Directing users to separate nodes in P\A cluster

Just create two seperate sign in URLs and Realms. One for each client. On each realm you can set a concurrent user limit of 250. That will still send both clients to the active node in the cluster but you won't have to worry about one client using more than 250 licenses.