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Disable saving logon information - Junos Pulse Client - MAG

New Contributor

Disable saving logon information - Junos Pulse Client - MAG

We are using the Junos Pulse client for Mac with a MAG, and currently do not bind the Junos Pulse clients. Each client is manually configured when deployed. For variety of reasons, we would like to prevent our staff from saving their logon information when connecting.  To accomplish this, we are planning to bind clients.


If we bind a Junos Pulse client to the MAG, we can configure a Junos Pulse Connection on the MAG that disables 'Allow saving logon information'. This works as expected.


The problem is with unbound clients.  If someone on our staff has the Junos Pulse installer tucked away somewhere, is there any way to prevent them from connecting with it unbound?  Or is there another approach I am missing?

Valued Contributor

Re: Disable saving logon information - Junos Pulse Client - MAG

How is the unbound scenario being tested?  If a end user has the pulse client and installs the client themselves, they will have the option to create their own connections until they connect following MAG device.  Once the connection is made, the Pulse connection set should be pushed to the Pulse client and enforcing the option to not "Allow saving logon information".  If this behavior is not occurring, please provide details on how this is being tested and your results.