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Distributing pulse connect client SW

Liz Jackson
Occasional Visitor

Distributing pulse connect client SW

Is there a better way to distribute the SW than via web browser.


Out IT dept distribues it by getting the users to go to, and it then kicks off a looooooong installation process of blindly clicking several dialog boxes until it installs. Or rather 50% of the time it doesnt install due to browser issues. Can the IT dept just email us an "*.exe". 


The reason I am asking you and not out IT is becuase they lie. 

Community Manager

Re: Distributing pulse connect client SW

Hello Liz,


I presume you are reffering to either Pulse Client or Network Connect, if so- both installers are stored on the VPN Box and can be retrieved and sent to you by your IT departament. You will need administrative rights to install the software by yourself unless there is a previous version of Pulse Client already installed with admin rights present on the machine.


With that said, the client software can also be distributed automatically by pretty much any software deployment tool if your local IT uses one.


I hope this helps.