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Dns resolution with Web Resource using No Rewrite (WSAM)


Dns resolution with Web Resource using No Rewrite (WSAM)

I have a strange problem with a url that I am trying to get to work via the IVE.  The website uses Javascript and AJAX code so I have an issue with some screens getting errors when just using the standard Web Rewriter.  I tried changing the resource to No Rewrite (Use WSAM), but when ever I try to access the link I'm getting a page can't be found error in the browser.  I checked the WSAM logs and debugs and it looks like the url is getting resolved to an IP correctly.  If I manually key the url in with an IP address it comes right up.  The page is using authentication so the first thing I should see is an Auth popup. I see it with the IP address but not the url hostname...

I have a TAC case open too, but figured maybe someone has come across something similar.

Running 6.1R4