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Download Default sign-in Page

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Download Default sign-in Page


We use the SA-2500. We have modified the sign-in page a bit. I want to to some more edits. But I am not expirienced enough to edit the template files. So my question is, is there a way to download de files used by the default sign-in page?

This would be way easier for me.


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Re: Download Default sign-in Page

Hi ,

You cannot download the default signinpage files however you can download the Sample Templates Files under Signing In>Sign-in pages>Upoad custom pages button

You can download the Sample Templates Files,edit the same and you can upload it as new custom page.

If you still need the contents of default signinpage, you can download the default signin page config using XML export/import optionand selcting only default signinpage.

You can use the below URL to download custom signinpage guide for more information.

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Re: Download Default sign-in Page

No, it is not possible to retrieve the customization done for the default sign-in page (which uses the same template as the custom sign-in pages).

What are you trying to add specifically, if you don't mind me asking?