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Downloading Network Connect 6.4

New Contributor

Downloading Network Connect 6.4

I am connecting to another company throught VPN, before we used cisco vpn client and it suited us well dispite the fact that it disconnect often. We're using Juniper NC 6.4 now. Actually they gave a url that execute an activex, that install and execute the network connect app with the right config. Everything works as expected on a WinXp Sp2 machine. however when i try the same on Win server2003, the install doesn't work (the application is not installed locally). So i wonder is it possible to install the app manually and then configure it to connect to the appliance in the other company (maybe by copying the settings on XP machine), if yes, where i can download NC 6.4 and what are the setting that i should set.


Valued Contributor

Re: Downloading Network Connect 6.4

Yes - There is an installer for Network Connect. You can use this to install the NC client seperately from logging in to the SSL box and having it pushed down.

You will need to contact the company that owns the SSL box and have them provide you with the client. What problems do you have installing the NC client on the W2K server? I run it from that platform all the time with no issues.