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Drive mappings with Pulse client

New Contributor

Drive mappings with Pulse client

Is there a way to map network drives when staff connect with the pulse client?

Vijesh Bhat_
Occasional Contributor

Re: Drive mappings with Pulse client

You can always create a VB script that'll map network drives.
Then in SA Box you could always call that script under
Role->NetworkConenct->sessionScript->windows:session script.

Hope this helps you.

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New Contributor

Re: Drive mappings with Pulse client

Session script options is only available of one uses the Network Connect client. It is not available when the Pulse client is being used.

I have much the same problem, especially as the Pulse client only launches after the user is signed in. Which means the user is basically being authenticated with cached credentials and any logon scripts does not run.

The NC client is horrible on Windows7, hence trying to get the Pulse client working.