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Dynamic connections with Premier Java RDP

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Dynamic connections with Premier Java RDP


  We recently purchased a MAG4610 to replace our existing SSLVPN and decided to get some Java RDP client licenses to test with our VDI deployment, which today relies on end-user RDP clients.  So now I'm trying to figure out if there's any way to dynamically launch a JRDP session from our VDI connection broker.  Ideally we would configure the broker to launch something like that then launches the hobsoft client aimed at the correct VDI workstation.  I've tried to search through the forums here and documentation but haven't found anyone looking to do similar. 

Has anyone done this with the bundled applet or do most people find an unbundled third party app to handle it?

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Re: Dynamic connections with Premier Java RDP

Layzie0ne, I feel your pain. I can't say whether what you're asking for is possible, but I can say that Juniper specifically does not enable the Premier Java RDP client for use with user created RDP bookmarks. Thus, crafting a dynamic Terminal Services Bookmark URL may be challenging. Here are some suggestions and alternatives.


1. Create a role for your Mac users that enabled the Juniper Terminal Services launcher. The launcher can make use of the Premier (Hob) Java RDP client. The down side here is that you mush provide the user a way to look up their host name or IP. Also, all users are stuck with the same RDP settings unless you let the users tinker with the Hob client.


2. Store the hostname of the user's RDP destinations in LDAP/AD and use the LDAP variable in the terminal services bookmark. I haven't done this myself, but it should work with the Premier Java RDP client since the bookmark is assigned from the IVE/MAG and not user created. (Perhaps someone else in the forum can confirm if this works).

You can also reference pages 1139 through 1141 in the Pulse SA 7.3 admin guide.


3. You could have an external webserver craft a URL that calls the Hob Java RDP applet directly. Again, I haven't done this myself, but it might be possible. This options would require some development work on your end though. The web server would have to maintain a database of the various users' RDP assignments and craft the URL based on that data. See the "Creating HTML Pages That Reference Uploaded Java Applets" section on page 434 of the Pulse SA 7.3 admin guide. (Although the Hob RDP applet is not actually uploaded by you, it is located in the uploaded java applets section of the SA and should be accessible via this method).


I hope one of these ideas is helpful to you. Let us know what you end up doing. I've just recently rolled out support for Macs on my organization's VPN and we opted for the Terminal Services launcher for our initial configuration.
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Re: Dynamic connections with Premier Java RDP

Thanks for the information.  I ended up opening a support case to find out if there were any way to pass GET variables to the premier rdp client and was told that it is not possible.  

So now I'm in the process of submitting a feature request asking to make it possible.  

Until then, I'm still looking at options to automate the process through the use of a different RDP client.