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Dynamics CRM Rewriting

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Dynamics CRM Rewriting


We run Dymaics CRM 4 and the web UI all seems to work fine over Network Connect but when using the rewriter we see random issues where Dynamics pops up a box saying "Invalid operation". A cursory scan of the SA logs shows all the requests completing OK.

Does anyone have any experience of this or is there any roadmap for offical Dynamics support as there is for Sharepoint / OWA? If not I will open a JTAC case and do policy tracing etc. to work out what is going on.



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Re: Dynamics CRM Rewriting

I would recommend a JTAC case; they can assist with troubleshooting and trying to determine if this is something that can work through the core rewriter. Have you implemented the items that are generally beneficial in rewrite cases (e.g. caching policy set to unchanged and enabling custom headers)?

For support ˆ la Sharepoint and OWA, you will need to work with your SE on investigating the potential for an enhancement.