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ESAP plugin

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ESAP plugin

Good Afternoon,


I am trying to connect to a machine with a colleague using Pulse Secure and unfortunately we are experiencing the following error:
1. Anti Virus and OS Check
Instructions: No instructions are available.
Reasons: Windows Defender 4.18.1909.6 does not comply with policy. Compliance requires real time protection enabled.
We are using Win10 with BitDefender. We have done some research on this and can see that it is likely that we need to add the ESAP plugin in order for the instructions to be collected.
The issue we are having is that we're unable to log into as we are an end-user and therefore do not have an account to login and download the ESAP plugin, is there any other way around this or do we have to have some form of licence/support contract to be able to access this plugin? Ultimately we'd be looking for a link to download the plugin without logging in - any assistance would be much appreciated.
Many thanks.

Re: ESAP plugin



Which ESAP module to use depends entirely on the Pulse admins of your organization and is strictly controlled by them.


It's not something which you as an end-user could apply individually on a particular endpoint device on a case by case basis.


If you run into issue where the version of the ESAP module used by your organization does not recognize / cannot detect the correct status (or the current version) of your particular antivirus product, you will need to discuss that with your organization's Pulse admins.

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