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Easiest way to deploy and maintain Pulse client

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Easiest way to deploy and maintain Pulse client

Is there a really easy way to create a Pulse sign in page / realm / role that would allow a user to install Pulse but set up a predefined connect to the correct Pulse Realm that has host checking and role mapping policies?


While the user can use the web url for the pulse role, it requires them to have java and then loads host checker all before installing pulse.


We could push pulse out manually, but then I believe it will not auto upgrade when we upgrade the SSL VPN.  Is that still true?  We are running 8.x code.


How are others handling this in order to remove any burden from the end user?


Re: Easiest way to deploy and maintain Pulse client



I can't speak for others, but when I did my testing, both users with SCCM-installed Pulse/HC and manually installed Pulse/HC, got the newer versions of Pulse and HC auto-upgraded when they connected. Even though JTAC don't support this i.e. if Pulse/HC is installed via SCCM, then they should be upgraded using SCCM, I can confirm it worked for me.


Saying that, we did come across one set of users where they were auto-upgraded but then got stuck in a 'Connecting' loop. I had to back out their software upgrade and wasn't given an opportunity to troubleshoot further.