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Email notifications for log events

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Email notifications for log events

Hi all, 


Every now and then we find the PSC VA may have a time sync issue, or the licensing server may disconnect and a whole bunch or major and critical events logged in the event logs.  What would be handy (and a fairly simple feauture in this day and age) would be to get an email notification sent out when this happens so the administrators are aware and can help resolve quickly.  Is there such a feature or setting available?  We're using mainly PSC VA 8.3rx.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Email notifications for log events

Hello @mparkinson


There is no feature like the one described. Currently it is only seen via the event logs. 




Re: Email notifications for log events

as mustangs550 mentioned, this is not something that is on-board on the appliance; however, if you send your logs to a syslog server, and if it has the option, you can get an email from your syslog appliance
for on-appliance options, you will need to contact your account team for an enhancement request