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End active sessions after certain hour

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End active sessions after certain hour

We currenly have a single realm and two role mapping rules.


One for users who are restricted to VPN in only between certain hours (6:00 AM and 9:00 PM) enforced by an expression (groups="VPN Non-Exempt Staff" AND loginTime = (6:00AM TO 9:00PM))


and another that allows any VPN access time if they are in an AD group "VPN Users"


If a user in the "VNP Non-Exempt staff" logs in at 8:55 PM they should be allowed due to the expression time frame.  




shouldnt the Dynamic policy evaluation re-eveluate and then end the users session soon after?


We have it set for 60 minutes and both Refresh roles and Refresh resource policies checked.




Re: End active sessions after certain hour

no, there is currently no way to terminate a session based on time of day.
i would recommend opening a request with your sales/account team for this functionality