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End of Support - IVE OS 6.0 ??

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End of Support - IVE OS 6.0 ??

Just got the email that Juniper will have "limited support" on the IVE 6.0 OS starting Feb. 15th. After 12 months of limited support, all support for 6.0 will be eliminated.

Can anyone tell me what "limited support" means ? I'm finally stable on 6.0R7 and wasnt planning on upgrading until there was a compelling reason to do so. Especially since the amount of chaos that occurs when I upgrade my IVE code.


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Re: End of Support - IVE OS 6.0 ??

Jickoff i am kinda on the same boat but limited support means that if there is a bug in your release that you find down the road Juniper is going to take it's time coming up with a fix as the programmers will already be working on the new code line and fixing all teh bugs with that.

If you have a stable version you should be fine untill there is an issue that you can not resolve or a feature that you like in the newer versions.

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Re: End of Support - IVE OS 6.0 ??

The notice you received was due to the End of Engineering (EOE) support coming up. There will not be anymore bug fixes for the 6.0 branch when EOE expires. End of Life basically means that you will be giving configuration support.

Here is the EOL page for all SSL VPN branches (6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, etc)