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Dear All,


I have a SA4500 plateform. On this plateform, I configured my nomad connexion with JunosPulse client. I configured already the HostChecker. But, if I want to check the date of antivirus signature of my antivirus (McAfee) date before to set up the VPN tunnel, is-it necessary to have a licence for Endpoints or whith the standard licence, it's possible to check if the virus file is not older than 2 days and if it's the case, to force to download the new virus signature from Juniper web site (or from McAfee), update the virus file on the user laptop and after, connect the laptop on the Corporate network ?


Many thank's for your help.


PS : When I installed the JunosPulse client on the user laptop, I used this command line : msiexec -i C:\JunOSPulse\JunosPulse.x64.msi CONFIGFILE=C:\JunOSPulse\CIMPAJunosPulseComponent.jnprpreconfig ADDLOCAL=PulseSA,SAHostChecker /qb

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Re: Endpoints

AV can be checked without an issue without an extra license. you can enable remediation steps to require the latest updates to be downloaded from the vendor site, yes. once done, users will need to click the option to try again in order to run host checker again