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Error Message "You have a session already running"

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Error Message "You have a session already running"


I usually use Pulse Secure on my desktop to query my organization's data warehouse. Now that I'm working from home, I have to use Pulse Secure on my laptop to login to Remote Desktop. When I try to then connect to Pulse Secure on the (remote) desktop, I get the following error message:


"Warning: You have a session already running. Click Connect to terminate it and create a new session. Click Cancel to keep the existing session."


Is this expected behavior? If so, would there be any workarounds for a situation like this? I have been accessingg my desktop since the query runs in a program with a machine-specific license (i.e., it cannot be accessed via web services).


I appreciate any help you can share - thanks in advance!




Re: Error Message "You have a session already running"

It is expected to see that warning message from the VPN server since you're trying to use multiple sessions i.e. using the same username/account for both logins (local and remote). Please contact your VPN administrator to enable multiple user sessions support.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert