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Error when connecting to a Windows 7

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Error when connecting to a Windows 7

Hello evreyone

i have one probleem WHen i do Remote Desktop to my windows 7 pc via vpn (my release is 6.5R3) i received error

"An internal state error has occurred; The remote session will be disconnected. Your local computer might be low on memory. Close some programs and then try connecting to the remote computer again."

i have find on Knowledge base(see KB)

that i have to change option from

" Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)"


"Allow connections only from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)"

after these changes i do not received any error

But i want to use Network Level Authentication (more secure) is there any other option ..???

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Re: Error when connecting to a Windows 7

I ran into this as well. Unfortunately the only way to do that is to use the hoblink java applet or the propper java applet. However, even with the less secure RDP feature you should still sleep easy. it is still pretty secure. You will run into this when going from Mac/Linux and older versions of windows(xp). Jtac should be able to supply you with the hoblink applet. It is ver nice i might add BUT you have to create RDP sessions for each user. You will not be able to create these sessions as a user on your own web portal.

Hope this helps.

David - Support_
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Re: Error when connecting to a Windows 7


Hello All,


I am facing the same issue and just wondering if there is a most up to date firmware version that supports this or if there are plans to include it on comming relesases.


Kind regards,



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Re: Error when connecting to a Windows 7

There is no current version of software that supports NLA for the RDP bookmarks.

For future support, you will need to discuss with your account team for an enhancement request in order to let the product team know about the desire for this.


Re: Error when connecting to a Windows 7

The last post was only a few months ago, so I'm assuming there's no change?


I'm guessing for most of us, this just totally neuters the Terminal Services profiles.


The idea of being able to set it like I want it and have my vendors come in and automatically get where they need to go... well I like that.  Especially more so from the vendor side.  I can't even imagine having to use each of my customer's VPN clients (imagine the clutter on your machine.. lol).


Anyway, are there other alternatives that can be used to achieve the same thing?  Alternate java apps that are compatiable with NLA ?