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Error when installing Pulse Connect Secure

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Error when installing Pulse Connect Secure

I am trying to install Juno Pulse Connect secure to connect to a client . I have a computer running Windows 7 sp1. My computer also has some software that requires a windows XP Virtual Machine in order to run. However several of my associates have the same configuration and were able to install Juno Pulse Connect Secure without issue.

When running the installation from our client website, an error dialog appears saying: "Juno Pulse Requires Window Windows 7 or later".

I reviewed the log file at: C:/Program Files (x86/)Juniper Networks/Junos Pulse/PulseInstaller.log

and found the following logs:

2017/3/7 16:32:53] ===========================================================================
[2017/3/7 16:32:54] .onInit start ...
[2017/3/7 16:32:54] .onInit() _GetPreInstallParam: with /preinstall=1
[2017/3/7 16:32:54] checkOSVersion() Windows XP is not a supported system. quit installer

I reviewed and ensured that the virtual machine is not running. I checked and confirmed both programs associated with the vm, vpc.exe and vmsal.exe are not running under the processes tab in task manager. I'm not sure what other factors may be related but I was hoping you may be able to shed some light on what else may be causing this problem.


Re: Error when installing Pulse Connect Secure

Can you confirm that none of the components are set to run in compatibility mode?
New Contributor

Re: Error when installing Pulse Connect Secure

Apologies, but I'm not sure exactly how to confirm that. The only file in the directory, C:/Program Files (x86)/Juniper Networks/Junos Pulse is the log file listed in my last post. I was not prompted to download the file or provide a location, and looking through both C:/Windows/Temp and my own downloads file, I found nothing related to the installation process. I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to provide the names and or locations of the files I would need to check for this.

Re: Error when installing Pulse Connect Secure

Can you check %appdata%\Roaming\Pulse Secure (or Juniper Networks)\Setup Client\ for a that includes the name CompMgr? This file is used to check for compatibility; if something triggers this to run in compatibility mode, it will fail to install.
Can you also check in C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files\ for any Pulse or Juniper components and make sure that compatibility mode is not enabled on those?