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Error with Host checker on MAC

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Error with Host checker on MAC

I have a realm for the MAC and everything works great. I would like to create a Host Checker policy to the realm looking for a process. When I implement the policy and the Mac tries to log in, the Mac gets the following error "Your computer security is unsatisfactory, Host checker is not supported"

At first I thought it is what I am using for a process name (Host Checker does not see it running on the machine and fails) but I dont think so because I have a custom message (instructions) if it fails and that is not it. I am now thinking Host Checker is not installed and thats why ?
I believe Host checker uses Java and I do have it running and running properly because the Pulse client runs when I log in (without host checker enabled)

Not sure what to do at this point and I would be forever grateful if someone can point me in the right location.

Some of the particulars.
Latest version of Java
code is 8.1 R5
Firefox OR Safari
OSX version is 11.X

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Re: Error with Host checker on MAC

On the remote Mac....
Stick with Safari and make sure that the Safari popup blocker is turned off.
Then visit and click on the "Do I have Java" button. This will ensure that Java is functioning within Safari.

On the Pulse Secure appliance...
Make sure that you are defining the process check on the proper tab of the HC Policy. There are separate tabs for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. If you define the process on the Windows tab, it won't check a Mac.

If this doesn't do the trick, then make sure that Java is being permitted for your VPN URL within the Safari security settings. Safari > Preferences > Security > Internet Plugins (Checked) > PlugIn Settings > Java.
In most cases just "Allow" should work under the PlugIn Settings, but some things like the Premier Java RDP app need "Allow" and "Run in Unsafe Mode".
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Re: Error with Host checker on MAC

Marc, your a hero,
It was the the allow and run setting in Safari....
Thank you very much!!!!