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Espionage possible for another company

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Espionage possible for another company

One of our customers would like us to install Pulse Secure DESKTOP CLIENT on our laptops to communicate with each other and transfer files in encrypted form (through its website).

We are concerned that activating Pulse Secure will now forward all data traffic (even data that is not related to our customers business) through the customers network. Is industrial espionage even possible in this special case?


As far as I understand:

  • Pulse Secure Application Manager is SSL Portal VPN - allows for a single SSL connection to a website
  • Pulse Secure Desktop Client is SSL Tunnel VPN -  allows a Web browser to securely access multiple network services that may not just be web-based, through a tunnel.

Is my understanding correct?

Looking for a technical description of how Pulse Secure works (application and desktop client).


Thanky so much for help!


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Re: Espionage possible for another company

Nobody knows anything? My question can't be that difficult

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Re: Espionage possible for another company