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Exchange 2007 OWA and Excell Attachments

New Contributor

Exchange 2007 OWA and Excell Attachments

Good day,

We are experiencing a problem with OWA through the SSL device. They are unable to download anyt Exell attachments through OWA in SSL. Any other attachment e.g. PDF works fine. If they connect directly to OWA without proxying through SSL the Excell attachment downloads fine.

Any Idea what could be causing this?

I currently cant log a JTAC as we are waiting for the renewal of their JTAC support. Our Distributers are a bit on the slow side it seems.

Frequent Contributor

Re: Exchange 2007 OWA and Excell Attachments

I'd wonder if this coud be a solution, because as you said, only XLS docs are affected from downloading out of OWA, but not any other documents.

Could you try do deactive (in case it is) the compression for OWA ressources? Afair MSIE (also v7) has the Bug not displaying or fetching content right when using an ssl-connection with compression.

But I think there was also something about caching in that contect, but that might be deactivated (or I'd wonder if OWA sends attachments with cache headers). Thus I am not sure if this will help here. You could also find that out, if the error also occurs when using a browser != MSIE, e.g. Firefox 2.