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Exchange 2013 support

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Exchange 2013 support

What is supported regarding Exchange 2013? 


We are doing a migration. Currently on old juniper hardware so cant really go for latest 8.* on our sa-boxes.


Looking at a MAG upgrade now.


Is there any issues & gotchas juniper wise when moving to exchange 2013.


Whats supported today?


OWA: Heard people had some issues, but that it is now supported in 8.*?

Outlook anywhere: ?

Mapi over http/s using wsam: ? 


Load balancers in front of exchange 2013, anyone had any issues with this?





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Re: Exchange 2013 support



Support for Exchange server 2013 is qualified from IVE version 8.X version only.

If you are using a legacy hardware which cannot install 8.0 version.

Then as you rightly posted, you could consider buying MAG hardware.




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Re: Exchange 2013 support

Hello Stadion,


I've searched for any open reports from customers about Exchange 2013 and did not find anything to report.  However, it is hard to tell as I do not believe many customers have moved to Exchange 2013.  If there is anything major that appears on my radar, I will update the thread accordingly.