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Export TOTP to an external TOTP server

Export TOTP to an external TOTP server

We have a PSA-7000f running 9.1R9 (build 9189).


We are currently using the internal TOTP on the box, but are migrating to an external provided TOTP, with the PCS using this via RADIUS. This has been tested and works. So on to my question...


We would like to take the current serials/keys/whatever in the PCS for each user, export them and move them to the external service so that the user does not need to regenerate and reregister this.


I can see where we can export the encrypted version of all of the TOTP information (for the purpose of importing into another PCS) and I have done so, but once again, it is encrypted, so cannot be used in any other system.


Does anyone know if it is possible to export the users and their TOTP code/serial? Thanks.


Re: Export TOTP to an external TOTP server

[email protected] It is not supported. We cannot export TOTP data from the VPN server.

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert