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Failed reboot after upgrade to 9.1R12.0

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Failed reboot after upgrade to 9.1R12.0

Hi all,

Just thought I'd note this in case it helps anyone, or anyone has a solution.

We upgraded a v5000 appliance to 9.1R12.0 and it rebooted to show this:-

Unable to run boot scripts, you will need to do a rollback(10)

Do you wish to reboot now ? (y/n) (y=reboot, n=shutdown, d=dump diagnostics): 

So no option to rollback, and nothing through boot to select rollback. Rebooting brings it back to this screen.

I raised with Pulse who have advised redeploy and rebuild device. So, would have saved me 4 hours if I'd seen this :-)

Not rebuilding until tomorrow so if anyone has any advice please share. Thanks.




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Re: Failed reboot after upgrade to 9.1R12.0

Did you get additional Informations from Pulse, why this Upgrade Problem happened?

We also want to Upgrade from Version 9.1R11.5 (build 13127) to 9.1R12.0 on a PSA-5000 Cluster Enviorment.

I guess we should wait for the next Version.