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Failed to open the file .pulse_status

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Failed to open the file .pulse_status


Since today, I have this error into my logs :

pulsesvc.error Failed to open the file /home/lucas/.pulse_secure/pulse//.pulse_status

I tried many things : touch .pulse_status, chmod, etc ...
Nothing has worked ... I'm lost ...


➜  ~ /usr/local/pulse/pulsesvc -v         
Pulse Secure Network Connect client for Linux.
Version         : 9.1
Release Version : 9.1-3-Build107
Build Date/time : Nov 10 2019 22:00:23 
Copyright 2019 Pulse Secure



Re: Failed to open the file .pulse_status

which linux version? is this the same you have been using? is the VPN tunnel launching successfully? are you able to see the status if you use the GUI for connection?

i would recommend opening a case with our support team