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Fedora 9 & SA700 6.0R3 NC

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Fedora 9 & SA700 6.0R3 NC

I've looked around and can't find anything on this. I just dumped Vista for Fedora 9 and am having trouble getting Network Connect to connect to our SA 700. I'm getting authenticated, as proved by our logs:

2008-05-18 20:28:15 - ive - [] DOMAIN\username(Authenticated Users)[] - Primary authentication successful for DOMAIN\username/Active Directory from

The GUI error is "Unable to connect to IVE"

In my CLI terminal window, I see: ncapp> Failed to connect/authenticate with IVE. Error 10

GUI NCSVC log shows:
.... A bunch of normal stuff removed ..... and then:

20080517001259.300117 ncsvc[17222] <-- 200 (authenticate.cpp:168)
20080517001259.300223 ncsvc[17222] state: kStatePostCacheCleaner (dsclient.cpp:329)
20080517001259.300273 ncsvc[17222] --> POST /dana-na/cc/ccupdate.cgi (authenticate.cpp:136)
20080517001259.519895 ncsvc[17222] <-- 200 (authenticate.cpp:168)
20080517001259.519944 ncsvc[17222] dsclient.error state post auth cache cleaner failed, error 10 (dsclient.cpp:331)
20080517001259.520013 ncsvc[17222] ncapp.error Failed to authenticate with IVE. Error 10 (ncsvc.cpp:183)

I'm issuing the following command to try and launch NC:

java -jar NC.jar -h -u username -p MyPassword -r "My Realm" -f cert.der

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I know Fedora 9 is probably not supported at all; but surely it will work with some tweaking.


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Re: Fedora 9 & SA700 6.0R3 NC

Fedora Core 5 is supported so my hunch is that 9 has not been tested but will work. Here is a pointer to the SSL VPN Resolution guide, it should point you in the right direction.