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Field user domain membership + VPN

New Contributor

Field user domain membership + VPN

Good morning,

I would like some help answering questions on group policy and cached credentials in the below scenario please;

We have field users logging into domain laptops (Windows 7 Pro) with domain user accounts using cached credentials. After logging in, the users visit a Juniper SSL VPN website, login, and a Juniper NetConnect or Pulse vpn client is launched, creating a VPN back to the main office.

1. Will the user receive GP updates shortly after the VPN is established, assuming they have a decent satelite or 3g connection?

2. If the user's password is changed, how long should we expect it to take for the laptop over the VPN to be aware of this change and ask the user to lock/unlock the computer?

3. With cached credentials, is there a limit to how many times a single user with cached credentials can log in with?

4. How can we avoid the laptop loosing it's trust relationship with the domain if only connecting via VPN (which provides access to the DC)?

5. Would you reccomend Pulse or NC?

Thank you for your assistance!